Clear Tinted
  Capsule is made of 0.118" (3mm) thickness Polycarbonate and Body is made of Cast Aluminum.
  Optional Vandal Resistant Screw (7pcs.) & Tool (1unit) Set A-VSM4TL is available.
  You can use 3/4"NPT Pipe for ceiling mount as well as wiring.
  Optional 24VAC Blower and 25Watts Heater is available.
(We are using same 24VAC Blower and Heater as A-SWD5 Surfacewedge Housing.)
  You can install it outdoor by using Optional Wall Bracket A-SWD5ZWB.
You can use Same Pole Mount Adaptor A-BK3 series for Wall Bracket A-SWD5VWB.
(Photo: Ceiling Mount by 3/4"NPT Pipe.)
Note: 3/4"Pipe is not provided nor selling it.
Housing & Camera Chart
Optional Items

A-SWD5ZWB Wall Mount Bracket



Universal Wall Mount Bracket^"WHITE"@Version

(for A-SWD5Z,A-SWD5V and A-SWD5VX)

Universal Wall Mount Bracket^hBLACKh@Version

(for A-SWD5Z,A-SWD5V and A-SWD5VX)


Universal Ceiling Mount Bracket

(for A-SWD5Z,A-SWD5V and A-SWD5VX)

A-SW1000L Safety Wire

You can use it for Wall Bracket Model A-SWD5ZWB.
Length Approx. 1000mm(39")

A-SWD5VBH2 24VAC Blower & 25Watts Heater
Controlled by thermostat automatically.
(See Insturction Manual of A-SWD5 which is using the same blower and heater as A-SWD5V.

A-BK3 Pole Mount Adaptor (Aluminum)
A-BK3S Pole Mount Adaptor (Stainless(SUS304))
You can use the same Pole Mount Adaptor A-BK3 series
for Wall Bracket A-SWD5ZWB.

A-CM3 Corner Mount Adaptor
You can use the same Corner Mount Adaptor A-CM3 series
for Wall Bracket A-SWD5ZWB.

A-VSM4TL Vandal Resitant Screw & Tool Set

Consists of 7 pcs. of Vandal Resistant M4 Screws and 1 pc. Of Tool.

A-RCP5VC Replacement Capsule Clear Capsule

A-RCP5VT Replacement Capsule Tinted Capsule


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