Optional Wall Bracket, 24VAC Blower & Heater and Sunshield are available.
You can save cost by ordering Optional Items"SET" (Housing+Bracket etc.)
in one box. (Ask us)
Model A-OH15 A-OH15(OW) A-OH15(DB)
Standard White Off-White
Dark Brown
(Munsell 5YR2/1.5)
No Sunshield
for Hot Area
Wall Bracket A-BK12G/S in the above 6 photos are optional
Two 1/4"-20UNC Female Tap are prepared on the bottom of housing.
1/4-20UNC x 1/2" Stainless Screws x 2 are installed in housing.
You can install the following camera(Example), Confirm with us in advance.
AXIS AXIS 210 / 211 / 221
Panasonic RP-NP244 / NP1000
WV-CP500 / CP504 / CP55 / CP55V / CP50V
DG-NP304 / NP304V / NP502
Canon VB-M700F /H710F / S900F
Please confirm with us in advance by telling model number of camera and any other optional items you wish to install.
This is just an example. As regards fitting, please ask us in advance.
Housing & Camera Chart  
Optional Items

Sunshield A-SY15  

For Hot Area
You can select 3 different colors.

Material Aluminum Powder Coat Finish
Weigh Approx.0.5kgs(1.1lbs)

A-SY15 White (Standard)
A-SY15 (OW) Off-White (RAL9002)
A-SY15 (DB) Dark Brown (Munsell 5YR2/1.5similar)

24VAC Blower & Heater A-BH2

Basically it is pre-installed like photo.
A-OH15BH2 Standard
A-OH15BH2 (OW) Off-White
A-OH15BH2 (DB) Dark Brown
Input Voltage 24VAC 25W (When heater is on.)
Heater 24VAC 25W 4.4℃ = 40F(ON) 16℃ = 60F(OFF)
Blower thermostat 43℃ = 110F(ON) 27℃ = 80F(OFF)
Manufactured by
Nidec Servo Corp Model #EUDC12D8?DC12V 0.04A 0.5W
(Input voltage is 24VAC owing to PCB.)

Wall Bracket A-BK12 Series

You can select 3 different colors.
In case of Pole Mount, it accepts maximum 20mm(0.787") width stainless belt.
Accept Max width
20mm x 1500mm (0.787"x59")

Models&Color Made of "Steel" Made of "Stainless"(SUS304)
Black A-BK12G A-BK12S
Off-White A-BK12G (OW) A-BK12S (OW)
Dark Brown A-BK12G (DB) A-BK12S (DB)

Powder Coat Finish
Weight: A-BK12G/S = 1.05kgs(2.32lbs)

Ceiling Adaptor A-CA15 Series for Wall Bracket A-BK12/15

Ceiling Mount Roof Mount

Models & Color Made of "Steel" Made of "Stainless"(SUS304)
Black A-CA15G A-CA15S
Off-White A-CA15G (OW) A-CA15S (OW)
Dark Brown A-CA15G (DB) A-CA15S (DB)

Powder Coat Finish
Weight: Approx. 0.6kgs(1.4lbs)

A-SB20-1500MM Stainless Belt

20mm x 1500mm (0.787"x59")

A-SW1000L Safety Wire
Length: Approx. 1000mm=39"
You can use it for Wall Bracket to prevent housing unit from dropping.

* Photo: Model A-SW1000L does not include Wall Bracket A-BK12G or A-BK12S(Safety Wire only).

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