Model A-OH15 A-OH15(OW) A-OH15(DB)
Standard White Off-White
Dark Brown
(Munsell 5YR2/1.5)
No Sunshield
for Hot Area
■Stowable camera size
Housing & Camera Chart  
Optional Items

Sunshield A-SY15  

For Hot Area
You can select 3 different colors.

Material Aluminum Powder Coat Finish
Weigh Approx.0.5kgs(1.1lbs)

A-SY15 White (Standard)
A-SY15 (OW) Off-White (RAL9002)
A-SY15 (DB) Dark Brown (Munsell 5YR2/1.5similar)

24VAC Blower & Heater A-BH2

Basically it is pre-installed like photo.
A-OH15BH2 Standard
A-OH15BH2 (OW) Off-White
A-OH15BH2 (DB) Dark Brown
Input Voltage 24VAC 25W (When heater is on.)
Heater 24VAC 25W 4.4℃ = 40F(ON) 16℃ = 60F(OFF)
Blower thermostat 43℃ = 110F(ON) 27℃ = 80F(OFF)
Manufactured by
Nidec Servo Corp Model #EUDC12D8?DC12V 0.04A 0.5W
(Input voltage is 24VAC owing to PCB.)

Wall Bracket A-BK12 Series

You can select 3 different colors.
In case of Pole Mount, it accepts maximum 20mm(0.787") width stainless belt.
Accept Max width
20mm x 1500mm (0.787"x59")

Color Made of "Stainless"(SUS304)
Black A-BK12
Off-White A-BK12(OW)
Dark Brown A-BK12 (DB)

Powder Coat Finish
Weight: A-BK12 = 1.05kgs(2.32lbs)

Ceiling Adaptor A-CA15 Series for Wall Bracket A-BK12/15

Ceiling Mount Roof Mount

Color Made of "Stainless"(SUS304)
Black A-CA15
Off-White A-CA15 (OW)
Dark Brown A-CA15 (DB)

Powder Coat Finish
Weight: Approx. 0.6kgs(1.4lbs)

A-SB20-1500MM Stainless Belt

20mm x 1500mm (0.787"x59")

A-SW1000L Safety Wire
Length: Approx. 1000mm=39"
You can use it for Wall Bracket to prevent housing unit from dropping.

* Photo: Model A-SW1000L does not include Wall Bracket A-BK12G or A-BK12S(Safety Wire only).

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