Cleaning of Capsule
You may have difficulty getting a clear picture due to raindrop when it is raining. Capsule may get dirt on it which is subject to environmental condition, thus it deteriorates picture quality.
You are required to clean capsule periodically.
Cleaning of Capsule

Cleaning of capsule is necessary to maintain a good picture quality.
Capsule is made of "Polycarbonate" which is very strong against impact.
However, it is vulnerable to scratch. Follow the following 1 〜 5 instructions to clean capsule.  (Order 1 〜 5 is for your reference.)

There is a case that you cannot clean capsule completely depending upon installation site's condition, even if you follow the following instructions.
We are unable to warrant any damage such as scratch and deterioration of capsule quality you caused when you cleaned capsule, even if you follow the following instructions.
When you find any damage on capsule, we advise you to
purchase replacement capsule.
Please ask your local dealer for any replacement parts.

Preparation for cleaning capsule

Clean microfiber gloves (to avoid fingerprint on it.)
Clean microfiber glass cloths (Dirty and hard cloth damages capsule.)
Liquid spray type glass cleaner Rubbing alcohol

Open Housing Unit and detach safety wire.
Bring capsule to the safe working place.

Clean capsule.
If there is dirt, soil and sands on it, clean it carefully to avoid scratch.
In this case, spray liquid glass cleaner and wait for enough time until stain comes off. Clean it with microfiber glass cloths.

If there is still a little stain, use rubbing alcohol and microfiber glass cloths.
Check capsule very carefully if there is still "white stain" left.
If so, clean it with dry microfiber glass cloths.

After careful inspection of capsule, re-install Lower Housing unit by attaching safety-wire first to avoid drop of unit.


Please do not use car invisible windshield wiper to repell rain, sleet and snow.
You cannot have a clear picture by using this kind of car accessories.

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