Q1 What is maximum wind load test?

We tested all our outdoor use products to stand maximum wind speed 50m/sec(167ft/sec) at Tsukuba Automobile Testing Facility.(See Photo)
We also tested all our outdoor use products to stand maximy win speed 60m/sec(200ft/sec) at our factory by our loading test.


Q2 What kind of points shall we pay attention when we install camera housing near ocean beach?

If installation site is very close to ocean beach, we recommend you to close ventholes around capsule by using rubber provided in products. We also recommend you to use New Wall Bracket(A-WB10), Pendant A(A-GW10), Pendant B(A-CM100), 1 1/2"NPT Pipe Bracket A-CM100NPT & A-CP100NPT.
(Closing vent hole sometimes becomes cause of fog inside of capsule. In such a case, please run blower continuously by using jumper connector.)
Because A & B type bracket's sealing is complete. Please re-paint or put silicon on the bracket when you pealed off the paint during installation.
As regards Aluminum Wall Bracket "W"type(A-WB10) and Gooseneck hA"type(A-GW10), we have optional "Special Primer" coating type.(Ask for additional price.)

Q3 What is the light loss when we use "Tinted" Capsule?

You have to expect approximately 50-70% light loss for A-ODW5T, A-SWD5T, A-ID5T,
A-SWD5T, A-ODW7T and A-ID7T.
70-80% Light loss for A-SWD5VT Vandal Resistant Dome Housing.
(See photo attached.Sample of camera installed in A-ODW7T in front of our office.)

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Q4 What is the diameter of hole for cables on top of housing?

Diameter is approximately 1"(25mm) like photo.


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